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Multifile fixing tool

Cinque Terre

Tool Desc

The Multifile fixing tool is a tool that will load in multiple files and perform the tasks that have been checked. The Idea came to mind when we changed the scales in the project and all the models had to be rescaled. I figured that there was sometimes a lot of models that been committed that had the same problems, such as non centered Pivots, Shaders that was bind to them that should not be there. maybe someone forgot to delete their history, etc.. So what dose the tool do? It's simple, it loads in your models, performs the tasks that you marked. That's it. If you want to save it, then mark it. if not, don´t.

The tool comes with different Categories, that I made into simple dropdown menus for the user to explore.

The Categories:

  • Geometry
  • Transform
  • Naming Conventions
  • Scene
  • Custom MEL Commands
  • Save

  • Usage

    Launch the tool, tick the check boxes on the tasks you want to preform, then depending if you want to perform the tasks on an object in your scene or load files from folders, there are two buttons, “Preform on Selected” or “Preform Actions on Folder”, if you select a folder it will load the models in and preform the actions you selected.

    Cinque Terre


    I decided that I would be a good idea to make a log of the actions performed on the models. So foreach action performed it adds it to the log. The log is then saved as a .txt file with current time and date as its name.

    Final thoughts and lessons learned.

    The multifile fixing tool was a great way to get started with maya and all it has to offer and a good way to save a lot time when someone forgets a small thing.

    The tool has gone through a lot of changes, and I ended up striping down and removeing functionality,

    it used to be able to make renders of your models, Create LOD with Simplygon. Check you models for error and more. It became too big, and I decided to remove it and build smaller tools that serves their purpose.

    I would like to add one thing, and that´s presets to the tool, so you don't have to check the same boxes over and over again, but you could get a drop down of user defined presets.