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DDS Convert Tool

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Tool Desc

The DDS Converter tool was first made to check the project dds file, but extended to become the tool that we use for converting images to DDS for our game projects. So now it can do both.

Convert To DDS

To convert an images, simply select what image type you want to convert(png,tga,jpg,etc). Browse and select the folder that contains the images, if it's a folder with multiple folders inside it, toggle on the “Check all folder” check box. It will get all the images for you and you can preview them by clicking on their path. Choose your settings, you can go for “Default size” or chose a Pow2 size, then choose you dds type(DXT1-BC7). You can convert current selected or convert all the images in the list.

Check DDS

The "Check DDS" tab, you simply browse a folder and press Ok, the program will collect all the DDS, and start checking if thire size is bigger than what user says in thire settings,aswell if an image as alpha and color variation. If an image failed the check, its added to a list that you can access in the “Fix DDS” tab.


The "Fix DDS" tab, This is where you can view the error of the file that you checked, and you can decide to fix it yourself or let the tool apply the fix for you.

Final thoughts and lessons learned.

The DDS Converter tool was a really fun tool to make, it's something that everyone in my group has found some use for.

It dose make it easier for art to create textures in substance, export them and convert them. Before they had to open them up in photoshop and save them individually.