Hack and Slash


Necromonk is a single player hack & slash game where the player gets to slay zombies, explore ancient ruins and collect shiny treasures. As the player progresses through the game, she/he gains acess to a talent tree where she/he can upgrade and customize her/his playstyle. At the end of the game, the player faces an end boss which serves as the culmination of the game.

My contributions

  • Pathfinding
    • A*
    • Smothing
    • Navigation mesh
  • Zombie AI behavior
  • In Game Console
  • Shadow Cameras
  • Video Rendering
  • Visual Feedback
    • Blood decals
    • Mouse orientation indicator
  • Animations


  • Particle Editor
  • Project details

    • 10 weeks, half time
    • Created with our own engine
    • C++
    • 3rd party libraries: DirectX, Wwise and RapidJSON
    • Created by StarZombie 2016
      • 4 Artists
      • 2 Level Designers
      • 6 Programmers
    • Download page